Anatolian Shepherds

Our Girls

Georgia in snow 2 201x300 Anatolian Shepherds


CH Shadewood’s Rainy Night in Ga.

Born 12/06/05, USA

Light Fawn, smooth coat

Registered with AKC


Hips OFA-Excellent, Elbows-Normal

Georgia is our gorgeous girl. Her sire is CH.Birnci’s Hurricane Hugo and her dam is our Pittman’s Stormy Weather. She is sister to our Ryder.Georgia2 300x222 Anatolian Shepherds She is a fierce, wonderfully loyal, smart girl, everything that epitomes an Anatolian. She is discerning and good with all livestock and her family. While aloof and appropriately suspicious of strangers on her property, she has spent time off the farm, socializing while gaining her championship in conformation. Georgia has produced good-looking, wonderful companions, show dogs and livestock guardians, all with great temperaments.



Roz front with goats 166x300 Anatolian ShepherdsRoz

Dogru’s Roswell

Born 10/06/07, USA

Fawn with black mask, smooth coat

Registered with AKC

Thyroid -Normal

Hips OFA-Good

Roz’s sire is CH Fullcircle’s Sayfayi Cevirmek and her dam is Tamoora’s Sebatetmek. She Roz with goats 270x300 Anatolian Shepherdslikes to talk to me as I pass by her in the morning. She is very serious about her job protecting birds and goats, but always has time for attention from people she knows. Roz is beautifully put together with good angles. She has great movement coming, going and from the side.







Stormy on bale 300x202 Anatolian ShepherdsStormy

Pittman’s Stormy Weather

Born 02/03/02, USA

Fawn with light mask, smooth coat

Registered with AKC

Thyroid-Normal,  Hips OFA-Excellent

While I had raised other Livestock Guardian Dogs in the past, Stormy is the one that started my love affair with Anatolian Stormys DOM 300x221 Anatolian ShepherdsShepherds. She is related to most of my Anatolians. I have Louise Emanuel to thank for letting me have this fantastic gal. Stormy has quite a fan club. Many people admire her quiet demeanor as she sits in the pasture, guarding her birds and watching our boarding kennel customers come and go. She has protected all manner of livestock, but she is quite vigilant at keeping the possums, raccoons, skunk, hawks and eagles away from our poultry. Stormy has earned a Dam of Merit Award from the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America. She has produced some outstanding dogs from her two litters.


Our Boys

Ryder in Pasture 300x215 Anatolian ShepherdsRyder

CH Shadewood’s Ryder on the Storm

Born 12/06/05, USA

Fawn with light mask smooth coat

Registered with AKC


Hips OFA- Excellent, Elbows-Normal

Ryder’ sire is Birinci’s Hurricane Hugo and his dam is our fabulous Stormy. He is a steadfast and reliable protector. He has Harriet with Ryder 300x238 Anatolian Shepherdsa calm and relaxed demeanor, but he takes his guarding seriously. He currently is guarding our goats, alpaca and poultry. Anatolians are supposed to be aloof, but Ryder didn’t get the memo. He is very sweet, patient and downright cuddly, but he knows when it time to get down to business. Ryder is a very handsome Anatolian Shepherd.  He is a very balanced dog with beautiful angles. His movement is spot-on from the side, front and rear.  He has a handsome head and lot of bone. Ryder stamops his incredible temperament and structure on all his offspring.


mannyalpaca  300x188 Anatolian ShepherdsManny

CH Shadewood’s Man in Black

Born 11/17/06, USA

Fawn with black mask, rough coat

Registered AKC

Thyroid-Normal, Hips OFA- Good

Manny sire is CH Alaturka’s Kafadar V Tamoora  and his dam is our very own CH Birinci’s Cash, a daughter of our Stormy. Beth showing Manny sm 300x195 Anatolian ShepherdsHe is a rough coated Anatolian Shepherd. His gregarious nature made it easy to finish his championship. Manny has plenty of bone, great angles and is a nice mover.  At home he is a bit more stoic and is very good at guarding goats and alpacas. Manny l lives with friends, protecting their cats, poultry and miniature horse.