Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

A Stay in the Country Pet Lodge and Training Center, is an exceptional boarding, training, grooming and daycare facility.   Located in Charles City, Virginia, we are passionate about the safety, comfort and happiness of every dog in our care.

Customized dog Boarding options

We offer a variety of options, designed to meet the personality, preferences and needs of each guest.

Fully supervised and structured play

Our employees are trained in pet care, dog behavior, group play and certified in Pet First Aid/CPR.  Our staff-to-dog ratio is 1:8, optimizing the safety of the dogs in our care.

Accommodations for older or less social dogs

We can provide cuddle time or pampering sessions with your dog and outdoor one-on-one playtime with our staff.

Exceeding industry cleaning recommendations

Our suites are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected every morning and spot cleaned throughout the day.

Multiple outdoor play yards

We have ample space for dogs to run, play and to explore. Our large play yards are all enclosed with six-foot fencing and double gates entry ways.

Climate controlled indoor suites

Our facility is fully air conditioning in the summer and utilizing forced air and radiant floor heating during the winter.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dog Boarding and Activity Package Rates

We strongly believe in providing the emotional and physical benefits of exercise, play and attention dogs need while away from home.  Our committed is to treat each pet as an individual with diverse needs.  Your dog’s stay with us has two components: a nightly lodging fee and a daily activity fee.

Nightly Lodging

$34.50 PER NIGHT


  • Three daily potty breaks
  • Tailored suite, with comfy bed and blanket
  • Daily Nose to Tail health assessment
  • Premium kibble for meals
  • A daily home-made gourmet treat
  • Dispensing of medication

Daily Activity

$17.50 - $29.50

per day

  • Choose the best activity package for your dog based on their age, personality and play preferences.
  • We offer five different options for daily activity.
  • An activity package is required for each day of boarding.

Activity Packages

Active Athlete


per day

  • Pups with loads of energy whose preference is to play with people rather than other dogs will flourish with this selection.
  • Three 1-to-1 play times each day with a staff member.
  • Investigating the great outdoors, enjoying a game of catch and lots of “Me” time with our loving staff.

Canine Socialites


per day

  • Adolescent or adult dogs with lots of energy and/or who are decidedly social will relish this option.
  • Three supervised play times each day.
  • The social dog loves joining in an outdoor romp, a game of catch and interacting with our staff and a group of carefully chosen dog friends.

Pampered Pooch


per day

  • Mature adults or dogs who prefer the company of people over other dogs will adore this special package.
  • Two supervised play times each day.
  • Living the good life, playing in the great outdoors with staff members or a small group of like-minded dog friends.

Perfect Puppy

$21.50 PER DAY

(For Puppies under 18 Months)

  • Young dogs benefit from building or reinforcing positive social skills and will delight with this choice.
  • Three structured play times each day.
  • Engaging in a learning games, enjoying play sessions with new friends and shaping the foundation for young dogs to be confident adults.

Stay & Play


per day

  • Adult or young dogs with an inner child will appreciate this option.
  • A daily play session.
  • Engaging play time with carefully chosen dog friends and staff - provide for a dog’s physical and emotional well-being.

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Dog Boarding FAQ’s

How can I know which activity package is right for my dog?

We would be happy to help you choose an activity package that is best for your dog. In most cases, it’s going to come down to the activity level and sociability of your pet. Dogs that crave a lot of interaction and activity are going to do best with the Canine Socialite/Active Athlete package. The Pampered Pooch is perfect for toy breeds and elderly dogs. The Perfect Puppy is a great choice for young dogs.

Should I bring my own dog food for the stay?

We provide a high-quality dry dog food at no additional expense, but often the safest option is to keep your dog’s diet as stable as possible. If your dog is used to a specific diet for health reasons, like digestive concerns or allergies, please bring their food. If you are concerned that your pet may have some digestive issues when they switch from your dog food to ours and then back to yours, please bring their food. If you decide to bring their food, please bring it in baggies with their name on it.

How does social activity reduce stress?

Like people, a dog’s activity and social interaction releases endorphins in their brains so they are happy and relaxed. Dogs need stimulation and physical activity to avoid stress, additionally affection they receive helps them to feel safe away from home. Dogs that get playtime and attention everyday are calmer, better behaved, and sleep more soundly.

How do I know my dog will be safe while boarding with other dogs?

Our guest’s safety is the result of multiple, redundant safety protocols. The dogs are never unsupervised unless they are in their private sleeping areas or taking a potty break alone. All social activity is supervised by a staffer who engages the dogs in activities and much like a lifeguard at the pool; they redirect playmates before shenanigans escalate.

How do you choose the dogs that are allowed to play with mine?

All our group-play companions are first evaluated and then carefully introduced to each other individually before they can play in groups. This begins in a controlled setting so that staff can see how the dogs respond to one another. Playstyle, size of dog and energy levels determine what playgroups are formed. While all our play groups are kept small, 6 to 8 dogs, some guests do best with 1 or 2 other companions.

Can I take a tour of where my dog will be sleeping and playing?

Yes. You are welcome to drop by for a tour at any time during our office hours. Better yet, we can schedule a tour when your dog comes for their Canine Assessment. This will ensure that we have enough time for your questions. We would be happy to show you around. On the day of your pet’s stay, calm, quick goodbyes are best for your pet.

Is the Canine Assessment necessary for my dog to stay with you?

Yes. We are committed to our guest’s comfort and safety. New boarders and daycare guests are required to spend an assessment day with us. This assessment helps to ensure the safety and success of your dog’s time with us.

We will need a copy of the vaccination and health record from your veterinarian, to ensure their shots are up to date. You can email or fax the documents to us ahead of time.

A Stay in the Country Pet Lodge and Training Center is happy to serve our boarding and daycare clients from the Richmond, Virginia area, including: Charles City, Prince George, Hopewell, Henrico and New Kent.