Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

A Stay in the Country Pet Lodge and Training Center offers daycare to the Richmond and Tri- County area. Providing your pet with the benefits of supervised exercise and socialization with people and other dogs.  At the end of the day, we will to return to you a calm, relaxed dog that is a joy to live with.

Constructive play activities

Your dog will receive lots of outdoor playtime in the fresh country air, with appropriate dog friends and our highly trained staff. Learning good socialization and play skills allows your dog to be calm and confident in a variety of situations.

A Perfect combination

Engaging in stimulating group play interspersed with quiet rest time, a gentle belly rub or a little scratch behind the ear provide the optimum care of your dog.

Supervised group play

Our play groups are always supervised by our friendly, caring and highly trained full-time employees. Our staff-to-dog ratio is 1:8 (one trained staff member for every 6 – 8 dogs).

Outdoor grass play yard

Our play yard fencing and double gate entry ways surpass the industry recommendations for safety.

What Our Customers Are Saying

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to get started

Call us and set up your pet’s Canine Assessment

Chose a two, three or five day a week package

Drop your dog off for FUN – FUN - FUN

Our Canine Assessment

A Canine Assessment is required for every new boarding and daycare guest.

We want your pet to thrive while in our care and we start by having you complete our Canine Assessment form so we can get to know your dog {link coming soon} After reviewing your form, we will schedule a day for your pet to visit us and to take part in our canine assessment.  We evaluate how your dog adapts to being away from you and in a kennel environment – in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.  When you pick up your pet at the end of the day, we will discuss our results

Many dogs delight in interacting with other pets. Our Canine Assessment helps us to determine temperament and playstyle and to evaluate if a dog is a good candidate for group play.  We will evaluate how your dog reacts when being introduced to another dog.  This process allows us to establish which type and how many dogs  he prefers in his group.  For more information see Dog Daycare FAQ’s.

Memberships and Affiliations

Dog Daycare FAQ’s

How do we keep our activities safe?

The companions for your dog will be chosen based on our observations and their Canine Assessment. The assessment helps us determine temperament, playstyle, as well as other factors that ensure a good match. The dogs will be first introduced to each other individually to ensure that they are friendly with one another.

How big are the play groups?

Not large at all. Groups are usually no more than 4 -8 dogs at a time and even that number will be based on the best fit. It is important to us that the group play be fun and therapeutic for each dog. Some dogs are incredibly active, and love to play with several energetic playmates. Others are happiest playing with just a few companions.

Are the play-groups always supervised?

Yes, the play-groups are supervised 100% of the time. Our trained staff understand dog group dynamics and that they are always changing. Similar to group dynamics with people, our moods and energy levels can differ each day. Our staff have been trained to read dog body language and make the appropriate adjustments.

How do staff interact with the dogs?

We focus on creating a balanced play atmosphere. Our employees engage with all our guests to ensure everyone gets attention and has fun. We constantly monitor dogs playing and can redirect them before they get too rambunctious. We also work on manners and basic commands like recall and sitting at the gate, to help keep your pet safe at daycare and at home.

What activities are there?

The activities are customized to the needs of your dog each playgroup. Our daycare dogs get to run and play in one of several large areas we have on the property. We sneak in a little training here and there. We play games like fetch, hide n’ seek and bobbing for balls that help dogs learn impulse control and how to share, while having a blast. We offer seasonal fun with wading pools and theme parties.

How large is the play area?

There are several large outdoor areas to accommodate all the dogs who are visiting with us. There is another indoor play area that is used during poor weather.

What do you do to keep dogs safe?

Your pet’s safety and well-being are our number one concern. Our staff is trained in Pet First/CPR, safe pet handling, dog group play and canine behavior. All dogs that participate in group play are first evaluated and continuously observed for changing behavior. Our play groups are always supervised and kept small. Our cleaning procedures exceed industry standards. All our play yards are enclosed by 6ft privacy fence with double gate entry and exits. Our air handling system has commercial air sanitizing system to remove 99.5 % of all air borne pathogens.

How strict are your health policy?

Our health policy is in place to protect all our guests. We cannot accept dogs that are sick or that are suspected of being ill. All dogs that that are enrolled here must be current on all vaccinations, as well as heartworm, tick and flea prevention medication. Please have your vet fax or email us a copy of your pet’s most current vaccination and health record, at least 48 hours prior to their visit with us. We require proof of DHPP (Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza), Rabies, Bordetella Bronchiectasis (Kennel Cough), and Canine Influenza Virus vaccinations. Additionally, please bring an annual fecal test that shows your pet clear of intestinal worms.

A Stay in the Country Pet Lodge and Training Center is honored to provide Dog Daycare to our clients from the Charles City, Prince George, New Kent, Hopewell, Henrico and Richmond, Virginia area.