Richmond Dog Grooming Tips for Tangles and Mats – How About a Mohawk?

Fall is a great time of year for most people, the leaves are changing and the air gets cooler every day. For dogs, it’s a time when mats seem to appear from out of nowhere. With just a touch of rainfall, a dog’s fur can quickly go from tangles to mats, especially in Richmond Virginia.  Richmond dog grooming facilities can solve this problem, quickly and professionally.

Richmond Dog Grooming

When it comes to dog grooming in the Richmond area, pets can get relief from the issues they face with their fur during the fall and winter seasons.

Seasonal Skin Irritation

Just like our skin tends to get drier over the fall and winter seasons in Virginia, many people notice that their dogs seem to be scratching more than usual. To give pet’s relief, a bath with a medicated or moisturizing  shampoo can do the trick, as part of their dog grooming routine.

Dog Grooming Tips to Stop Mats Before They Happen

With the humidity in Richmond Virginia, particularly near the water, pet owners in the area have to give their pet’s fur some extra care and attention to keep their coat shiny and tangle free. Any pet grooming routine should include regular brushing and combing of a dog’s coat, especially before they go for walks during, or after, a rainfall.

If it’s too late, and their fur is already a matted mess, a Richmond dog groomer, can get the tangles out. Hiring a professional groomer ensures that all the mats are taken care of, and your pet won’t be mad at you for doing it to them. So you can still enjoy your fun time with your pet.

Richmond Dog Grooming

Everyone wants their pet to be healthy and happy. Taking to them to the vet, ensures they’re healthy, but they also need some pampering and maintenance to keep them happy. Just like us, dogs need a cleaning and grooming schedule. Their grooming needs vary depending on their hair type, breed and where they live. A dog living in Montana, needs different care than a dog living in Richmond, Virginia, particularly in the winter time.

Richmond Dog Grooming How Often a dog Needs a Haircut

Dog’s with hair that grows continuously like a Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frise, or Poodle need to have their hair groomed every 2-4 weeks. Long haired pets such as Golden Retrievers should also have their hair trimmed regularly, every 7 – 9 weeks. Richmond dog grooming also depends on how often the dog is walked or exercised. More exposure to the outside tends to increase the number of mats. Winter is the rainy season, so pets with long hair tend to mat easier, when their hair gets wet.

Richmond Dog Grooming – Dog Hair Styles

Richmond pet owners can try different hair styles for their pets all year round, because they don’t usually have to deal with much snow. A Mohawk is cute and adds personality, especially for small dogs. A teddy bear clip is also particularly cute for breeds whose hair grows continuously, but can also be given to mixed breeds with long fluffy fur.