Dog Boarding in Richmond will Save your Sanity and Belongings

One of the biggest concerns pet parents have is the destruction their pets can create while the owners are away. A lot of people consider dog boarding in Richmond as a place to house your pets overnight while you are on vacation, but some kennels will provide excellent daytime services to pets that need a place to play and burn off steam. A happy, but tired and content dog is less likely to get into trouble. If they spend a lot of their time playing, they are more likely to be relaxed and quiet around the house. With most of the population of pet owners working full time, a lot of pets are not getting the full amount of exercise that they need to be good housemates. While a nightly walk may help, the majority require more exercise. If you are not meeting your pet’s exercise needs, the results will quickly become obvious. You will soon find yourself coming home to destroyed items and damaged furniture.

Dog Boarding in Richmond
If you are fortunate enough to have a pet that can refrain from chewing and digging, you will still be coming home to a dog that is brimming with energy, opposed to your exhausted self. Many pet parents mistake this for bad behavior. This is not. It is simply a pet that needs to burn off some energy. The largest mistake made at this point is to correct the dog by restraining it even further. Placing it in a small kennel, restricting it to one room or neglecting to play with it for “bad” behavior. The restrained dog is even more pent up, it gets more of the same correction and a vicious circle is quickly formed. There are numerous advertisements from people giving away their pets because they can no longer manage them because of lack of insight to this problem. A Stay in the Country has two daytime options to solve this problem. For daytime dog boarding in Richmond, we have Doggie Daycare and Doggie Day School.

A Stay in the Country offers group playtime, outside and indoor time, fun activities and even training with Doggie Day School. While you are at work, your pet is burning off pent up energy while having fun and learning positive ways to behave. After a full day of play, your pet return home exhausted and happy. Your pet, who has been running around, playing with others all day long, will display better behavior and both of you will sleep better at night.

If you are a pet parent or are considering becoming one, consider our facilities for daytime dog boarding in Richmond. Contact us at for pricing and facility tours to ensure you are comfortable with where your pet is staying.